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Logistic coordinator in Motorsport

The purpose of this role is to provide a reference person for operations across the entire Team operating within the Series in Motorsport. The role is to plan activities in Workshops, during Automobile races and tests.

- Extensive experience in logistics, all organization and responsibilities.

- A hands-on approach with a flexible attitude.

- Proactive resolution of Logistic or other problems.

- Excellent communication, strong organizational and planning skills.

- Flexibility with workload and tight deadlines.

- Knowledge of languages  UK, FR, NL, DE.

- Communication with the organizer, other teams, etc.

- Ensure that all necessary information for the team is providedand displayed in the Team space.

- Good interpersonal skills, motivated to achieve team goals and objectives.

- The ability to set priorities and optimize according to the budget.

- Booking of hotels, flights, rental cars, shuttles, travel Visa, etc.

- Control and follow-up of payment of invoices.

- Writing a "Travelplan" / "Road Book" and Timetable.

- Organization of the arrival and departure of the Team at each event.

- Logistics paddock (placement of trucks, Hospitality, etc.).

- Management of access tickets.

- Management of guests and Sponsors.

- Access management of boxes/Garages.

- Well-being of pilots.

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